“Give Them An Answer” Youth Conference
July 12 - 14, 2023

What will students learn at the conference? 

Wednesday, July 12
Session 1: Why The World Craves Super Heroes
In this session, Jacob will make a case for the existence of God based upon the innate desire for justice that all people experience. Using the example of superheroes (both of today and throughout history), students will grapple with the notion that there has always been a strong desire for justice and a notable lack of true justice in the world. Yearning for superheroes reveals not only something about us, but more importantly, something about God.

Session 2: Tactic #1 “What do you mean by that?”
The latter session of each of our three days will focus on giving students practical tools that will help them feel more comfortable engaging in conversation on issues that matter. The session will bounce back and forth between instruction from the front and students role-playing situations in small groups with a leader.

On this day, Jacob will begin equipping students to engage others with confidence about their faith by learning to ask great questions.

Thursday, July 13
Session 1: Is it True That There is no Truth?
Many people today essentially believe that truth is “relative” to each person and that a person can believe whatever they want, as if truth were a matter of personal opinion. In this session, Jacob will teach students about the nature and foundation of all truth and will demonstrate that, try as they may, no one can escape the truth.

Session 2: Tactic #2 “How did you come to that conclusion?”
Picking up where they left off the night before, students will learn to move from information gathering about another person’s position on whatever issue is at hand to inquiring into the reasoning the person has used to draw their conclusion. Again, students will bounce between instruction and role-play to ingrain these tools into their hearts and make them more ready than ever to give an answer to anyone who asks them for a reason for their hope in Christ!

Friday, July 14
Session 1: Answering Your Questions!
Just like it sounds, students will be able to submit questions that they are wrestling with or would like answers to and Jacob will do his best to tackle them head-on. He is willing to hear what students have to ask and do his best to give an answer!

Session 2: Tactic #3 Tailoring Questions to the Topic
In this final session, students will learn about the kinds of questions they can ask in order to expose a flaw in the thinking or opposing worldview of those who oppose Christianity. Students will learn about some of the most common kinds of mistakes (also known as “logical fallacies”) people make when reasoning. In small groups, students will take what Jacob has taught them and tackle this slightly more challenging step of learning to ask good questions and to give an answer to point others to the truth.