Our Mission

Word, Worship, and Community

Desert Palms Church is committed to spiritual formation, which is the deepening of one’s relationship with God. How does this happen? We believe this is best accomplished in three ways:

  1. The preaching and teaching of God’s Word. We read and expositionally teach the word of God because we know that it is the basis of our faith.
  2. The worship of God. We worship the Lord in spirit and in truth, asking Him to enlighten our hearts so that we might hear and see and be changed.
  3. The fellowship of believers. We gather weekly to worship, not forsaking this gathering together because It draws us back again and again to the Gospel message - that we are forgiven and free by the blood of Jesus Christ alone.

How do we worship?

We worship God weekly with a liturgy, which just means that we follow an established pattern for worship including these elements: a call to worship, a confession of sin, an assurance of pardon, a confession of faith, readings from the Old and New Testaments, a Gospel reading, and a exegetical sermon. During the worship service, we also sing songs and hymns to praise God, we pray as individuals and together corporately, and we are offered the sacraments (baptism and the Lord’s Supper).

Why do we worship?

First and foremost, we worship because God alone deserves all of our honor and praise. He has created us, and we are His. Not only that, but after sin entered the world, our relationship with God was broken, and He gave us a way to have a restored relationship with Him, and that is through the sacrificial blood of His son, Jesus Christ. Therefore, out of gratitude, we respond with worship and praise.

What happens when we worship?

We believe that we are formed and transformed by worship. When we come together to worship in Spirit and in truth, we not only pray to God, confess our sins, praise Him and sing to Him, but in worshiping God, we ourselves are changed. God does something in us. We leave refreshed and renewed by the enabling work of the Holy Spirit and the redeeming work of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we are truly able to go out and walk in newness of life.

As transformed people, we then have the power and ability to go and change our communities through serving, loving, giving, and caring for those around us, both in our families and local communities and around the world.

Our Vision

We will proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which leads to Gospel living, which leads to transformed lives, families, and communities.

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